Brad A. Hartmaier

"I'm a visual artist and storyteller, deeply passionate about art, photography, and film.

My journey started like most, working as an intern and production assistant for local projects in Philadelphia. I even dabbled in location scouting before I decided to venture to California, where I studied screenwriting at UCLA. Eventually, I secured a job in a prestigious Hollywood art department, primarily focusing on TV commercials and music videos. I climbed the ranks, eventually finding myself in roles as an art director and production designer. Along the way, I had the privilege of learning from some of the best producers, directors, and artists in Hollywood.

My passion for making full-length movies never wavered. In 1995, during the rise of Google, I embraced the digital world. Over time, these two worlds have seamlessly merged, and now I'm fully immersed in creating digital content, documentaries, and film projects using the latest digital tools.

Oh, and that picture on the left? It's from my very first music video art direction project for Guns N' Roses, titled "November Rain." It's garnered over two billion views, making it the most-watched music videos ever. I'm incredibly proud of that achievement!"

What I Do

Artist, Designer, Filmmaker

I consider myself a visual artist and composer of elements. My goal is and has always been, to become a great storyteller.

Creative Director

I strive to write, produce and create in the TV, film and digital media space. I am well versed in production and design.

Project Manager

Design, Construction, Entertainment, TV, Film, Digital Media

Digital Media Producer

Digital Media, Web Design, Computer Systems, Programming, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production, Online Marketing



The works on this website are part of a foundation collective, devoted to the works of creative and cinematic narration. All works are copyright Brad A. Hartmaier and may not be reproduced. 

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